Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
901 Wood, Frank Edwin Jr.  4 Oct 1980Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I7106
902 Wood, Melvin Richard  17 Aug 1936Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I7109
903 Wood, Richard  5 Apr 1910Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I27738
904 Wood Zickefoose, Maggie Elizabeth  1 Nov 1937Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I2980
905 Worthington, Walter Bruce  20 Mar 1926Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I12430
906 Wright, Ada  24 Oct 1968Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I7135
907 Wright McGinnis, Ardeth Rae  18 Mar 1997Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I4815
908 Wyatt, F. Marion  27 Jul 1892Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I13060
909 Wyatt Partello, Elizabeth Ann  13 Dec 1910Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I5704
910 Yocum, David William  1 Apr 1927Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I2971
911 Yocum Besta Kerwin, Winifred L  1 Oct 2011Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I1326
912 Young, Joseph G  29 Oct 1903Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I17596
913 Young, Oscar H  19 Feb 1929Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I3011
914 Young Bixby, Rosa Mae  30 Dec 1947Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I1811
915 Young Morris, Isabelle  28 Dec 1914Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I5143
916 Young Stanley, Anna  10 Oct 1923Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I6445
917 Zarger Jensen Chadwick, Edith Allene  18 Oct 2013Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I2799
918 Zeller Paxton, Katherine M  2 Nov 1994Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I5731
919 Zickefoose, Asbury James  19 Feb 1878Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I16601
920 Zickefoose, Francis Edward (Frank)  29 Sep 1948Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I2984
921 Zickefoose, Peter Hull  30 Mar 1917Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I2979
922 Zickefoose, Samuel P  2 Sep 1885Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I16612
923 Zickefoose, William Harper  12 Sep 1940Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I12614
924 Zickefoose Kuykendall, Catherine  1897Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I29168
925 Zook, Edna  15 Apr 1910Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I2930
926 Zook Kirkpatrick, Cora Annette  30 Jan 1948Rossville, Shawnee County, Kansas I4421

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