Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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1 ** Note in Rossville Cemetery records state she is actually buried in Kentucky, but we have a marker for her in the Rossville Cemetery, Rossville, Kansas. She is listed in findagrave under Anna Josephine.
Wells Elkins Davis, Anna Josephine (I3285)
2 *Two Isaac Trostle's buried at Rossville Trostle, Isaac B (I27872)
3 1806 or 1808 McClain, Beverly (I30662)
4 1816 or 1817 Day McClain, Lydia (I30663)
5 1908 or 1909 Elliot, [Unknown] (I3232)
6 1918-1919 date of death timeframe. Lasswell, Carl Franklin (I5191)
7 1948 Rossville High School graduate. Grew up west of Rossville. Lived in Mayfield, KY. (Notes from Judy Lundin) Trubey Ratliff, Evelyn (I20592)
8 40th Anniversary Announcement says they were married in St. Marys, Kansas. Family F5256
9 60th Anniversary announcement says they were married at Falls City, Nebraska. Family F929
10 A note from his record on
Alfred Keller was most likely born in Essex Township of Stark County, Illinois the 8th child of Flory Keller and Catherine Elizabeth (Coleman) Keller. Alfred was almost certainly born in *August or September of 1847, as he is listed as being 3 at the time of the Oct. 10, 1850 census and 12 at the time of the August 1, 1860 census, but his tombstone reads 1851, which is almost certainly not correct. 
Keller, Alfred Ray Sr. (I11949)
11 According to George Stackhouse's obituary, she was still married to Dennis when George and Charlotte were married in 1869. She divorced Dennis in 1871. Family F6586
12 According to his headstone, he passed away in 1954. Melenson, Joseph Israel (I4954)
13 According to online research (we found info in under Lavina Mansell James), we believe her father to be William Mansell. Middle initial is most likely J. based on further research on a private genealogy page re: his son Roy Mansell. Mansell, William J (I4551)
14 According to the Illinois death index found on, she's buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas. Bell Vanauken Howerton, Elizabeth (I4064)
15 According to William and Gertrude's obituaries, they had a son Dennis Ray who died in 1950. Both of their obituaries also list a son who was alive at the time of both of their deaths--he was also named Dennis. Family F4723
16 Adam's obituary says they were married in 1873. Family F3293
17 Added all siblings in Leatrice Noriega's obituary to this one family. Not sure if that is correct or not. Family F8215
18 Additional last name noted on the Rossville Alumni blog. Kovar Thompson Bayside, Evelyn Marie (I13180)
19 Adopted sons:
Paul Small, Cyrus Shuck, John Gill, Jesse Smith 
Family F6755
20 Adopted- maiden name may have been Wollenburg acc to Strausbaugh Strimple, Clara Augusta (Kitty) (I6530)
21 Age 3 on 1940 census- discovered her name Irvine Farley, Nancy J (I16901)
22 Alice's obituary says they were married 19 Apr 1928. Family F4316
23 Also have seen derivative spelling of maiden name as "Nemhek." Nemechek Krasny Brenner, Rose (I2173)
24 Also have seen first name spelled as Ann. Cullen Holz, Anne G (I3988)
25 Also have seen first name spelled as Brigette. Adams Borberg Fryfogle, Brigitte (I7328)
26 Also have seen her maiden name spelled Minar. Mynar Dolezilek, Mary (I3452)
27 Also have seen his middle initial as D. His obituary says L. McNeive, Donald Lee (I23035)
28 Also last name has been spelled McMillan. Reser Caldwell McMullen, Arminta (I11579)
29 Also listed as Catherine Banta, Katheryn Louise (I1240)
30 Also seen as spelled Bergus for first name. Hahn, Burges J (I3727)
31 Also seen Mohire, Manhier- confirmed name spelling via Findagrave as Manhire. Oliver Manhire, Belle Mary (I29766)
32 Also seen spelled as Bennett Swearingen, Bennet (I51)
33 Also spelled Estle and Eskel. Banks, Estel Kindred (I1977)
34 Also spelled Horack Horak, Rudolph Earl (Rudy) (I4034)
35 Also spelled Horack Horak Davis, Rose V (I3293)
36 Also spelled Venes for last name. Anders Venus, Betty (I561)
37 Alternate last name spelling Carmack. Shipley Cormack, Emma Jessie (I2743)
38 Alternate spelling seen: Steven Martinek, Stephen August (I4649)
39 Alternate spellings of first name: Hezekial and Hezikiah Prater, Hezekiah K (Ky) (I5829)
40 records show her parents are James Armstrong (b. 1700 or 1707; d. 1760) and Betty Elizabeth McCord (b.1711; d. 1756). I didn't feel very confident in the tree from this point back, so I didn't include them here.

Armstrong Duffield, Margaret (I20388)
41 Anniversary announcement says married July 23, 1951. Family F3617
42 Anniversary announcement says they were married in Topeka. Family F3802
43 Another source says they married in 1900, not 1905.  Family F5433
44 Approximate date of death based on wife's obituary. Enos, Pascal (I12205)
45 Approximate DOB year. Vieux (View) Coryell Stackhouse McGuire, Charlotte (I4856)
46 Approximate year. Sometime in the 1890s. (Per copy of marriage certificate on 11/2/2017) Family F5601
47 Arlene's obituary says they married November 27, 1971. Family F2098
48 Arretta is listed as second wife of Ard Button. Her tombstone inscription lists "Mother." Henrietta Button is noted as the only child of Rev. Button and his wife. So it is possible that Arretta is not Henrietta's mother, but it seems highly probable. Family F2501
49 Attended school in Rossville at one time (per Judy Lundin). Simpson Woehr, Margaret (Peggy) (I27058)
50 Believe the dates on his tombstone may be in error. His obituary was published in 1918. DOB 1842/DOD 1918. Brooks, Phineas Manning (I9313)

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