Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Abs McCarty, Beulah M  26 Nov 1986Cremated I4729
2 Akin, Donald LeRoy  Cremated I405
3 Allen Gouge, Christy L  Cremated I27893
4 Anderson, William Edward  Cremated I666
5 Aubert, Jackie D  Cremated I742
6 Baird Mee, Kathleen  Cremated I5582
7 Beagel McDiffett, Norma Jean  30 May 2015Cremated I5581
8 Beck, Myron N  Cremated I1529
9 Blauvelt Linsey, Carolyn Alice  1 Mar 2014Cremated I5336
10 Boettcher, Ronald E  Cremated I16051
11 Brehmer Tutt, Frances  Cremated I7390
12 Brinlee Pottorf, Hazel Noreen  Cremated I5826
13 Cassity, Robert Laurence  Cremated I2845
14 Collett, Melvin M  Cremated I2894
15 Collins Patterson Kaberline, Joann  Cremated I4293
16 Colson Spiker, Janice Marie  Cremated I8935
17 Crai, Joseph Thomas  18 Mar 2015Cremated I5559
18 Crumb Smith Taylor Kelly, Mary E  Cremated I4369
19 Dain Spetter, Nellie Alvera  Cremated I6404
20 Daugherty, Lucien  Cremated I16416
21 Davis Monhollon, Anne Marie  11 Dec 2012Cremated I5103
22 DeBacker Bailey, Virginia  Cremated I465
23 DeBacker Whitford, Romera M  Cremated I6995
24 DeHaan Silversmith, Sharon Lee  21 Apr 2017Cremated I24644
25 DeVader, Richard J (Dick)  Cremated I10013
26 Diehl, Keith Craig  22 Jan 2012Cremated I3423
27 Doucet, Mitchell L  2 Jul 2018Cremated I28181
28 Dugan, David Lamoine  Cremated I16238
29 Eckert, Richard E  Cremated I3213
30 Eldridge Martz, June  Cremated I20537
31 Faulk Bolan Biggs, Alyce Marie  Cremated I1496
32 Feltner, David R  Cremated I5565
33 Freel, Larry Neil  Cremated I10209
34 Gibson Scott, Joyce V  12 Apr 2011Cremated I6153
35 Ginn McDowell, Chantina A  Cremated I4800
36 Hartner, Daryl D  Cremated  I29286
37 Hoobler, Arthur H  Cremated I3996
38 Hubert, Joe D  Cremated I4077
39 James, Everett Wynn  Cremated I4184
40 James, Joseph I  6 Oct 2001Cremated I4188
41 Joye, Richard Carlisle  Cremated I5104
42 Kesinger, Ervin Lee  16 Jul 2012Cremated I4832
43 Kirkpatrick, James H  Cremated I12174
44 Kitt James, Carol M  Cremated I4179
45 Kolbek, Dwayne  Cremated I4455
46 Kolbek, Joshua  Cremated I4456
47 Lambert Dancer, Rosemary  Cremated I17710
48 Larson, Marlin Lloyd  Cremated I5188
49 Lavin, John David  11 Feb 2012Cremated I5205
50 Leighty DeCaro, Nancy J  Cremated I3323

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