Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benedict, Donald D  10 Jan 1931Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I1666
2 Booth, James C  19 May 1939Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I2245
3 Channel, Clyde Lee  17 Apr 1888Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I26386
4 Corpening Bush, Edna Mae  19 May 1919Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I2778
5 Crow, Amanda Lee  9 Apr 1983Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I12296
6 Duncan Steelman Muller, Gladys M  16 Oct 1929Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I5213
7 Dunn Simpkins Hesse, Catherine Evelyn  15 Mar 1928Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I4349
8 Harclerode, Jonathan Kelsey  12 May 1978Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I7199
9 Lane, Dennis Edward Tatsuya  12 Jun 1990Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I7221
10 Mount Luedtke, Kathleen Anne  30 May 1948Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I5578
11 Rice, Walter L Jr.  3 Nov 1925Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I6016
12 Sebring, Shannon Marie  13 Jul 1983Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I14329
13 Smith Wilson, Mable C  12 Aug 1932Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I25361
14 Steelman, John Allen  30 Jun 1949Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I6474


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boosinger Fredericksen, Mary A  11 May 1982Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I3747
2 Briggs Van Sickle, Helen Eileen  17 Jul 2013Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I6757
3 Cowperthwaite Reece, Veta Maude  21 Jun 2013Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I9428
4 Coxen, Manuel  5 Jun 1981Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I3080
5 Gahm, Adam  15 Aug 1919Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I13899
6 Gresser, Albert Grant  29 Oct 1944Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I3654
7 King, Patrick  14 Aug 1915Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I4407
8 Maxwell, Samuel B  22 Oct 1913Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I28637
9 Pierce, Preston Wayne  15 Dec 2020Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I30600
10 Reser, Perry Wyatt  16 Dec 1969Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I9565
11 Smith, Duff Green  13 Jan 1913Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I29811
12 Smith Wilson, Mable C  11 Sep 2007Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I25361
13 Stadler Mader, Irene E  25 Apr 2018Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I16172
14 Whittington, John C  14 Aug 1987Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas I7010


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Brecht Bailey  13 Jul 1946Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F135
2 George / Kimble George  20 May 1939Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F3329
3 Graybeal / Cott Graybeal  29 Aug 1959Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F3577
4 Kuestersteffen / Bowers Kuestersteffen  8 Jul 1989Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F3997
5 McDiffett / Beagel McDiffett  Mar 1947Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F4915
6 Nelson / Smith Nelson  6 Aug 1924Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F5812
7 Vaughn / Day Vaughn  Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F6314
8 Wade / Edwards Wade  4 Aug 1946Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F5697
9 Wilson / Smith Wilson  23 Aug 1957Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas F7241