Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas


Latitude: 39.5361062, Longitude: -95.9641594


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Alfred Woodrow  10 Feb 1933Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I2381
2 Adams, William Dean  12 Sep 1935Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I2416
3 Andrick Darting, Maude Lenora  4 Oct 1922Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I3162
4 Andrick Darting, Zella Wauneta  4 Aug 1920Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I3174
5 Barnes, Ronald L  20 Dec 1924Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I2476
6 Bennett, Alfred E  12 Mar 1875Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I1071
7 Bennett, Henry W  5 Oct 1905Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I1070
8 Bennett Hall Dunn, Maysol Faye  20 Dec 1920Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I3170
9 Bickford, Leland Dale  19 Apr 1935Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I1459
10 Bickford Stewart, Janice Sue  4 Jan 1941Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I1461
11 Burget Skelley, Mahala Jane  17 Jul 1905Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I6305
12 Ellis, Marvin Dean  15 Feb 1929Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I29253
13 Fairbank, Hugh G Sr.  23 Apr 1888Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I3489
14 Fiske Morford, Margaret L  26 Jul 1918Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I5138
15 Flanary, Harold M  14 Sep 1919Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I3612
16 Franklin Howerton, Lucy Olive  26 Mar 1862Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I4067
17 George Reser, Eliza Bell  11 Oct 1870Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I1262
18 Gibson, Rollo W  17 Feb 1894Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I20737
19 Hurla Bixby, Charlotte A  13 Jul 1908Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I1798
20 Huss, Marvin O  4 Jul 1937Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I28113
21 Keener, Coral Mae  18 Dec 1899Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I4319
22 Manis, Lowell E  25 Feb 1920Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I4546
23 Manis, Marvin Dale  2 Apr 1928Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I11698
24 Manis, Melvin L  1 Apr 1922Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I11696
25 McKeever Miller, Ada  13 Apr 1905Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I4988
26 Salisbury, Noel W (Ward)  Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I19729
27 Salisbury, Wayne M  21 Jan 1903Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I6114
28 Siegle, John D  Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I6252
29 Sigg, Robert James  7 Nov 1924Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I6258
30 Tolin Williamson, Lorene G  8 Sep 1913Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I7037
31 Vanderwall Barnes, Marilyn J  23 Nov 1929Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I7139
32 White, Adam Norman  26 Jan 1886Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I6968
33 White Yoder, Maude Ethel  22 Aug 1888Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I3019
34 Winters Lundin Phillips, Wanda Lee  23 Jun 1930Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I5797


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dibbern, Loren Philip Jr.  17 Apr 1996Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I10255
2 Hladky, Floyd Delmer Sr.  30 May 1990Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I3948
3 Millenbruch, Edward Lee  25 Feb 1945Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I4985
4 Patterson Boling, Arvilla Marie  28 Jun 2015Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas I7382


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnes / Riggs Barnes  17 May 1922Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F874
2 Barnes / Vanderwall Barnes  14 Mar 1948Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F875
3 Bixby / Cordon Bixby  7 Aug 1927Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F477
4 Christian / Brammer Christian  13 Aug 1940Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F1094
5 Eby / Wells Eby  17 Apr 1938Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F2389
6 Salisbury / Ward Salisbury  17 May 1928Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F5559
7 Stauffer / Stuver Stauffer  26 Mar 1941Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F7806
8 Wheeler / Rieschick Wheeler  14 Jun 1953Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F6345
9 Zlatnik / Lewelling Zlatnik  8 Aug 1948Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas F1145