Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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Morgan County, Kentucky


Latitude: 37.9145713, Longitude: -83.2934086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cottle, Cynthia Ann  22 Jan 1875Morgan County, Kentucky I28355
2 Cottle, Henry Beauregard  20 Aug 1861Morgan County, Kentucky I12619
3 Cottle, Henry Lewis  20 Jun 1831Morgan County, Kentucky I12589
4 Cottle, Isaac Lee  16 Mar 1863Morgan County, Kentucky I9324
5 Cottle, Isaac N  1841Morgan County, Kentucky I9322
6 Cottle, James Elam  21 Oct 1878Morgan County, Kentucky I9326
7 Cottle, James M  11 Oct 1834Morgan County, Kentucky I3002
8 Cottle, Joseph Morgan  12 Jul 1880Morgan County, Kentucky  I3004
9 Cottle, Sarah (Sally)  30 Mar 1868Morgan County, Kentucky I28354
10 Cottle, William Thomas  16 Oct 1866Morgan County, Kentucky I3030
11 Cottle Cox, Ina P  May 1898Morgan County, Kentucky I28365
12 Cottle Elkins, Zerilda Ann  20 Feb 1865Morgan County, Kentucky I28353
13 Cottle Howerton McGuire, Sarah Ann  1833Morgan County, Kentucky I28140
14 Cottle Howerton Wyatt, Susan E  17 Oct 1851Morgan County, Kentucky I7062
15 Cottle Johnson, Margaret Catherine  23 Feb 1870Morgan County, Kentucky I9327
16 Cottle Jones, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1837Morgan County, Kentucky I12620
17 Cottle Lewis, Sarah Elizabeth (Sally)  16 Feb 1857Morgan County, Kentucky I9349
18 Cottle Perry, Mary Belle  29 Apr 1877Morgan County, Kentucky I5773
19 Cottle Sartin, Louella  1 Apr 1837Morgan County, Kentucky I28139
20 Howerton, John  3 Jan 1838Morgan County, Kentucky I4066
21 Howerton Cottle, Mary Irene Jane  1847Morgan County, Kentucky I28138
22 Howerton Lumpkins, Phoebe  7 Oct 1835Morgan County, Kentucky I18769
23 Lewis, Isaac Phelps  23 Jan 1869Morgan County, Kentucky I5308
24 Lewis, Mathew M  10 Aug 1852Morgan County, Kentucky I16037
25 Lewis, Minerva  9 Aug 1871Morgan County, Kentucky I5311
26 McClain Reser, Letha V  31 Aug 1916Morgan County, Kentucky I138
27 Perry, Henry Gardner  9 Jun 1871Morgan County, Kentucky I24429
28 Roberson, John W  15 Feb 1899Morgan County, Kentucky I6033
29 Trimble, Wallace William  13 May 1860Morgan County, Kentucky I6710
30 Wyatt Barney, Vilinda  8 Dec 1876Morgan County, Kentucky I1494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cottle, Cynthia Ann  21 Sep 1908Morgan County, Kentucky I28355
2 Cottle, David N  16 Jun 1897Morgan County, Kentucky I12617
3 Cottle, Henry Beauregard  15 Apr 1904Morgan County, Kentucky I12619
4 Cottle, Henry Lewis  1 Jul 1917Morgan County, Kentucky I12589
5 Cottle, Isaac Lee  19 Jan 1942Morgan County, Kentucky I9324
6 Cottle, James Elam  31 Mar 1957Morgan County, Kentucky I9326
7 Cottle, John L  4 Aug 1928Morgan County, Kentucky I9321
8 Cottle, Joseph  Mar 1852Morgan County, Kentucky I9348
9 Cottle, Sarah (Sally)  13 Mar 1893Morgan County, Kentucky I28354
10 Cottle, William Thomas  30 May 1929Morgan County, Kentucky I3030
11 Cottle Elkins, Zerilda Ann  24 Sep 1896Morgan County, Kentucky I28353
12 Cottle Howerton McGuire, Sarah Ann  1903Morgan County, Kentucky I28140
13 Cottle Johnson, Margaret Catherine  4 Sep 1924Morgan County, Kentucky I9327
14 Cottle Jones, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1900Morgan County, Kentucky I12620
15 Cottle Lewis, Sarah Elizabeth (Sally)  9 Dec 1946Morgan County, Kentucky I9349
16 Cottle Sartin, Louella  25 Aug 1900Morgan County, Kentucky I28139
17 Howerton Cottle, Mary Irene Jane  1880Morgan County, Kentucky I28138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cottle, James M  14 Mar 1917Morgan County, Kentucky I3002


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cottle / Cottle  30 Aug 1830Morgan County, Kentucky F1447
2 Lewis / Lewis  29 Dec 1887Morgan County, Kentucky F2741