Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas


Latitude: 39.1836082, Longitude: -96.5716694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Raymond E III  30 Jan 1952Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I28214
2 Avers Zeller, Lulu May  6 May 1879Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I2995
3 Badura, Brynn Ashlee  19 May 2003Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I7145
4 Brubaker Lacock, Christine M  18 Jan 1900Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I4850
5 Crumb Smith Taylor Kelly, Mary E  24 Jun 1942Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I4369
6 Fair, Edwin Lee  10 Jan 1934Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3482
7 Fiedler, Brian Lee  24 Aug 1970Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3536
8 Graves, William R  5 Oct 1927Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3636
9 Hoerman, Norman  12 Sep 1944Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I24014
10 Horak, Alexander Steven  16 Oct 1987Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I7205
11 Johnson, Troy Lee  21 Apr 1977Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I4244
12 Manbeck, Cole Anthony  16 Sep 1986Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I7235
13 Mogus Cantillon Austin, Nida Mae  1 Dec 1941Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I8134
14 Moyer, Earl Barry  22 Mar 1908Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5168
15 Moyer, Harry Eugene  9 Jun 1924Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5170
16 Moyer, Wendell Austin  3 Feb 1918Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5176
17 Page, Roger Dean  10 Oct 1958Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I7261
18 Pratt Baker, Carol J  Jul 1894Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I27393
19 Reese, Mark Anthony  20 Dec 1986Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I7278
20 Ronsse Crawshaw, Marie  12 Dec 1948Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I10151
21 Simmons Viergever, Lula L  19 Jul 1912Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I6822
22 Smith, William Myrl  16 Nov 1931Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I6380
23 Van Vleck, Parker Lee (Punk)  26 Jun 1946Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I6778
24 Zeller, Larry A  20 Dec 1938Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I2950


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson Miller, Lottie  10 Oct 1944Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5044
2 Baird, Byron William  18 Oct 1937Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I890
3 Bell Beard, Mary Anne  29 Jun 1971Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I1627
4 Brooks, Edwin Clark  4 Apr 1977Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I7576
5 Carder Dick, Nellie Belle  28 Apr 1996Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3411
6 Carrell, Leslie Ambrose  20 Feb 1986Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I2770
7 Cheek, Mark Allen  26 Sep 1997Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I2810
8 Cowan Hammel, Laurita J  23 May 2008Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3764
9 Fay Rowe, Inez  18 Jan 1924Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I22605
10 Fields, Alta Ethel  4 Jun 1962Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I13325
11 Fields, Jeremiah B (Jerry)  4 Sep 1952Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I21509
12 Fields, Theodore  5 Dec 1958Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3539
13 Figge, Myron D  28 Apr 2018Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I13342
14 Foster Myer, Stella F  27 Jan 1969Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5248
15 Hause, Kinzy Adam  4 Aug 1922Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I22665
16 Hensel Hoerner, Rosina Barbara  12 Oct 1961Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I20238
17 Heslet Yocum Barney Folsom, Ada May  14 Apr 1980Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3685
18 Hoerner, Benjamin F  8 May 1971Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I20193
19 Johnson Fields, Martha A  26 May 1931Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I21510
20 Kincaid, Jayme Nicole  11 Mar 1985Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I4398
21 Kolbek, Charley  15 Mar 2001Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I4454
22 Lemon, Alice Gwendolin  7 May 1944Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5278
23 Lemon Carrell, Thelma Marie  30 Oct 1982Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I2775
24 Lytle, George Clayton  Jan 1971Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I27207
25 McClain, Vencille  27 Dec 1985Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I142
26 McCormick Ebert, Alexia Ann  4 Dec 2012Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3208
27 McIntyre-Nichols, Dalton Ray  27 Jan 2014Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I4884
28 Miller Powell, Mary Belle  1 Aug 1975Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I11494
29 Moyer, Earl Barry  29 Dec 1999Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5168
30 Moyer, Wendell Austin  30 Jun 1997Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5176
31 Nadeau, Jordan David  1 Mar 2001Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5429
32 Prater, Earl B  26 Aug 1986Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I5828
33 Rowe Hasenbank, Velma  13 Dec 1995Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I3884
34 Scritchfield, George R  12 Jul 1941Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I25657
35 Scritchfield, James Oliver  18 Jun 1952Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I11811
36 Scritchfield Ward, Ida B  26 Aug 1959Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I11806
37 Sigg, Robert James  27 Aug 1965Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I6258
38 Stueve, Theresa  3 Jun 1972Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I6556
39 Vogel, Henry Daniel  9 Dec 2013Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I6830


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Worrell, Albert  Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas I7127


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Stadler Brown  3 Jun 1966Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F3029
2 Busse / Berry Busse  30 Jul 1977Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F307
3 Carrell / Lemon Carrell  26 Feb 1933Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F1891
4 Conley / Timmons Conley  12 Mar 1958Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F2595
5 Dutton / Gibson Dutton  29 Jan 1967Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F8426
6 Fairchild / Cassity Fairchild  1978Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F3072
7 Fiedler / Sumner Fiedler Graves  29 Jan 1982Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F2604
8 Ford / Nadeau (Neddo) Ford  18 Jul 1864Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F1731
9 Graves / Lillard Graves  9 Mar 1951Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F999
10 Greenwood / Campbell Greenwood  15 Aug 1998Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F1000
11 Gutshall / Coffey Boyles Gutshall  11 Oct 1936Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F3638
12 Hladky / Kirkpatrick Hladky  23 Aug 1941Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F3914
13 Horak / Clark Horak Brown  4 Oct 1969Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F1040
14 Kovar / Zickefoose Kovar  21 Feb 1924Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F2774
15 Lemon / Simon Lemon  17 Apr 1937Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F4591
16 Lemon / Taber Lemon  16 Jul 1924Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F5857
17 McGuire / Lambrecht McGuire  5 May 1934Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F6574
18 Miller / Karns Miller  27 Jul 1935Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F2677
19 Miller / Rose Miller  1 Mar 1929Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F3686
20 Minnis / Ferguson Minnis  9 Apr 1944Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F4536
21 Moyer / Crumbaker Moyer  5 Oct 1941Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F6723
22 Netson / Reid Netson  1904Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F5380
23 Randall / Sage Randall  29 May 1941Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F5555
24 Reedy / Day Reedy  21 Dec 1915Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F3616
25 Rosser / Berkley Rosser  18 May 1935Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F2333
26 Sharp / Blackburn Sharp  23 Jan 1948Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F3214
27 Sieh / Kellsy Sieh-Bryant  14 Apr 1944Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F7305
28 Simmers / Williams Simmers  15 Jun 1946Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F6248
29 Smith / Kendall Smith  15 Aug 1965Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F7056
30 St. Auben / Blanka St. Auben  23 Aug 1930Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F6209
31 Stach / Penaz Scott Stach  18 Nov 1964Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F2646
32 Stiles / Humphrey Stiles  27 Jan 1928Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F1839
33 Timmons / Lind Timmons  9 Jan 1941Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F7961
34 Williams / Johnson Williams  20 Apr 1904Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas F7684