Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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Pottawatomie County, Kansas


Latitude: 39.3976344, Longitude: -96.3226072


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anders, Ross  16 Feb 1895Pottawatomie County, Kansas I569
2 Bell Beard, Mary Anne  23 Jun 1905Pottawatomie County, Kansas I1627
3 Blandin, Samuel  20 Jul 1890Pottawatomie County, Kansas I1928
4 Estes Parr Lett Hawks, Blanche  5 Sep 1885Pottawatomie County, Kansas I12258
5 Franklin, Frank R  6 Sep 1911Pottawatomie County, Kansas I13768
6 Franklin, Paul Lee  14 Dec 1927Pottawatomie County, Kansas I13767
7 Gordon, James David  12 Oct 1929Pottawatomie County, Kansas I14171
8 Lasswell Lucas, Lottie L  5 Oct 1916Pottawatomie County, Kansas I5367
9 McDermott Ramer, Corrinne G  29 Apr 1912Pottawatomie County, Kansas I5874
10 Miller, George Adam  28 Oct 1890Pottawatomie County, Kansas I11493
11 Miller, LeRoy D  16 Apr 1917Pottawatomie County, Kansas I15360
12 Mitchell, Andrew Sr.  6 Apr 1927Pottawatomie County, Kansas I26954
13 Nadeau Holmes, Marie Theresa  16 Jan 1899Pottawatomie County, Kansas I24352
14 Olson, Edgar Charles  12 Apr 1888Pottawatomie County, Kansas I5596
15 Olson Harper, Eva Della Augusta  9 Dec 1886Pottawatomie County, Kansas I27453
16 Page Seitz Holligan, Ida Estella  2 May 1880Pottawatomie County, Kansas I28976
17 Smith Dick, Thelma Jean  20 Sept 1932Pottawatomie County, Kansas I3415
18 Whearty, Frank Thomas  Dec 1867Pottawatomie County, Kansas I12068
19 Young Burbonny (Bourbonnais), Anna J  1860Pottawatomie County, Kansas I26357
20 Ziegler, George William  7 Mar 1898Pottawatomie County, Kansas I28522


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baughman Stuver, Emma  2 Mar 1925Pottawatomie County, Kansas I20303
2 Danielson Allen, Matilda Elizabeth (Tillie)  24 Oct 1964Pottawatomie County, Kansas I249
3 Franklin, Jess B  30 Dec 1971Pottawatomie County, Kansas I13766
4 Hodgson McGranahan, Jennie Agnes  13 Feb 1918Pottawatomie County, Kansas I29128
5 Hyett, Susanna C  May 1944Pottawatomie County, Kansas I3917
6 Lister, Oliver Buckus  10 Mar 1952Pottawatomie County, Kansas I26927
7 Marney, James S  16 Dec 1929Pottawatomie County, Kansas I11208
8 Nedved Rezac, Mary  10 Feb 1930Pottawatomie County, Kansas I28891
9 Patterson, Lawrence M  14 May 1922Pottawatomie County, Kansas I29795
10 Rezac Lasswell, Agnes Ann  20 May 1989Pottawatomie County, Kansas I9656
11 Rezac Loftus, Harriett  Feb 1941Pottawatomie County, Kansas I28892
12 Rezac Smith, Rosa M  3 Sep 1982Pottawatomie County, Kansas I25087
13 Whearty, John Henry  28 Feb 1928Pottawatomie County, Kansas I29078


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brashear / Shute Brashear Davis  28 Jan 1880Pottawatomie County, Kansas F8480