Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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Dr. Layton Spencer Thompson

Male 1906 - 1991  (84 years)


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Photo- Thompson Family 1

ca. 1906-1907
At the former Chris Thompson home north of Delia, Kansas

1. Frank Johnson
2. Thora Johnson
3. Agnes Johnson
4. Ernest Johnson
5. Sophia Thompson (Sivert's second wife)
6. Sivert Thompson
7. Nels Thompson
8. Alta (Keller) Thompson
9. (Believed to be Hannah Johnson, daughter from first marriage of Frank Johnson)
10. Celestia Keller (Grandma)
11. Mary Keller
12. John Keller
13. Winifred (Martin) Keller
14. Emma Johnson
15. Ludvig Thompson
16. Ella (Keller) Thompson
17. Stella Thompson
18. Cecile Thompson
19. Frank Johnson, Jr.
20. Levi Keller
21. Layton Thompson
22. Lin Keller
23. Lillie Keller
24. Alfred Ray Keller, Jr.
25. Chris Thompson

On Recollections KS as RCL0759a, RCL0759b, RCL0759c
(Unmarked copy is available on that website)

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Dimensions5100 x 3300
Linked toErnest Seibert Johnson; Frank August Johnson, Sr.; Frank August Johnson, Jr.; Emma Ruth Johnson Miller; Hannah V Johnson Nelson; Agnes Josephine Johnson Schwalm; Alfred Ray Keller, Jr.; Emanuel Levi (Levi) Keller; John Layton Keller; Lindsay Vance (Lynn, Lin) Keller; Mary Celestia Keller King; Alta Rosetta Keller Thompson; Ella Lucretia Keller Thompson; Lillian Blanch Keller Worthington; Winifred Martin Keller; Celestia Anne McAllister Keller; Sofia A (Sophia) Olson Thompson; Christopher E Thompson; Layton Spencer Thompson; Ludvig Syverin Thompson; Nels Thompson; Sivert Tobias Thompson; Stella O Thompson Herrington; Thora Selina Thompson Johnson; Cecile Olena Thompson Zlatnik

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