Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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101 Did not add all children to his family tree since wasn't sure how they fit in the trees. Small, Glen (Ed) (I16313)
102 Did not add all children to the database since I wasn't sure of proper recording. Family F7114
103 Did not add siblings since unknown maiden name, etc. Siblings listed in obit are: H.W. Cottle (possibly Henry W. Cottle 1867-1958, buried at Rochester Cemetery, Topeka, KS); John Howerton (KY); Mrs. Tom Caskey (KY). Cottle Howerton Wyatt, Susan E (I7062)
104 Did not research children of this marriage. The children listed in this family are those listed in both Peter and Mary's obituaries. But some children may have been from other unions.  Family F6395
105 Died after 1880 Lewis, Henry H (I30668)
106 Died at birth in either 1899 or 1900. Masopust, Flora (I4666)
107 Died in the fall of 1970 Gresser, Rollin Fred (I3658)
108 Difficult to find very accurate information--perhaps partially due to the Quirk name change to Baker.

In ancestry, there is indication that Roy Eugene Sheppard married a Mary Margaret Orrick (I believe this is misidentified from Quirk).

Roy Sheppard is buried in the same area as the Quirk-Baker family in the Rossville Cemetery, along with a simple marker of Gary Lee Shepard (Sheppard), which I believe to be infant (Shepherd) who died in 1937.

Family F8295
109 DOB Calculated Stoker James, Mary Elizabeth (I17258)
110 DOB calculated from age noted in the obituary. LaFramboise Patell, Josette (I5705)
111 DOB calculated from DOD and age on headstone. Have seen her birth listed as 1859 and 1860 elsewhere. Young Startup, Caroline (I12626)
112 DOB calculated. Gresser, John Clark (I3656)
113 DOB in obituary is 27 Apr 1917, but her headstone lists 28 Apr 1917. We are using the headstone date as the official date. Reser Anderson, Rosalie M (I677)
114 DOB provided by first cousin. Branson Foster, Glenda Sue (I7540)
115 DOB provided by relative in 2015. Said it was on his military registration card with his signature on it. (via Martin, Henry Miller (I3110)
116 DOD possibly 1945 Reese, Elizabeth (I5908)
117 Dorothy's obit says they were married at Fort Ord, California. Family F5144
118 Earl's obituary indicates married 30 Jan 1934. Margaret's obituary indicates they married 31 Jan 1933. Family F2048
119 Edgar's obituary states they were married 8 Aug 1901, and Ettie's obituary states they were married 28 Aug 1901. Not sure which is correct. Family F3634
120 Edna's obituary says they were married at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but Donald's obituary says they were married at St. Louis. Family F803
121 Effie's obit says they were married on Sep. 1st. George's obit says Sep. 11th. Family F5528
122 Eleonora is how first name is spelled on headstone. Kennedy Cowles, Eleonora A (I23466)
123 Elizabeth's obituary says they were married 13 Sep 1866 Family F7009
124 Ellis obit says married in 1929. Her obit says in 1928. Family F692
125 Emma is listed on the 1885 Kansas census as 21 years old and married to C.J. Startup (John). Living in Neosho county. Stibel Startup, Emma I (I21752)
126 Emma's obituary says he died in 1939. Waller, George (I6876)
127 Emma's obituary says they were married at Rossville. Family F2764
128 Estimated DOB year (Age 20 in 1959 St. Marys city census) Winters Meyer, Patricia J (I11700)
129 Even though Paul's obituary lists two children born to his first marriage, he is living with his mother and several young children in the 1860 census (Hester, age 8, Elizabeth and Angeline, age 7, and Bartholmew, age 5). Family F7928
130 Father is listed as Cecil Chapel. The surnames are very mixed up and unclear in John Maude's obituary so I'm not sure how it all fits together. Family F5337
131 Father's obit lists her married name as Corbin. Perry Carlin Corbin, Charlene Ann (I8813)
132 Father's obit says her middle initial is L. Mother's obit says her middle initial is K. Sharp, Sally L (I25679)
133 Father's obit spells her married name as Pauley. Viergever Pauly, Natalie Dawn (I13255)
134 Faye is not mentioned in Velma's obituary. Was she from a prior union of Arthur and unknown? Family F7328
135 Findagrave lists her DOD as 15 Apr 1971 Swick Skidmore, Martha Estella (I6311)
136 Findagrave lists her middle name as Doretta, but initial on headstone is F. Davis Farley, Alice F (I3504)
137 has him listed in Buck's Grove Cemetery, Soldier, Jackson County, Kansas

Funeral card says he was buried at Mount Olive Cemetery, Jackson County, Kansas 
Lewelling, James D (I22240)
138 lists her as buried at Rossville, but no headstone pic. Kelly (Magill) Neiswender Hook, Almina Ann (I2096)
139 lists his DOB as 28 Nov 1825 but only 1825 shows on headstone photo. Obit says 19 Oct 1823, so we are listing that month/day with Yr of 1825. Rezac, Joseph Sr. (I25384)
140 says her DOD is 11 Jan 1962. Ward Mullinix Bahner, Flora Belle (I312)
141 First marriage name var. Hicks
(Pension documents for William Hix from Civil War, spelled Hix) 
Grove Hix Strimple, Mallissa Ann (I27585)
142 First name also seen spelled as Joanne. Buresh Hejtmanek, Joann E (I4039)
143 First name also seen spelled as Lulu. Lewis Holcomb, Lula F (I3979)
144 First name is spelled Glen in his brother John's obituary. Jacobsen, Glenn (I17216)
145 First name possibly Anita (see sister Mary's marriage announcement). VandeVelde Preble, Anit (Dee Dee) (I20624)
146 First name spelled Llewellyn on headstone Kiene, Llewellyn L (I4392)
147 First name spelled Otha on headstone. Kirby, Otha Lee (I28540)
148 First name, Anna, was provided by one of her family members.

2 Feb 2018 
Brooks McGrew, Anna Pearl (I1966)
149 Found out information about the Cleveland family from relative in July 2016.  Cleveland, Dr. Morgan Holmes (I11321)
150 Found out information about the Cleveland family from relative in July 2016.  Cleveland, Lucinda (I11322)

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