Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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601 Vencille's obituary states Viola died July 22, 1982. Strimple Warner McClain, Viola Katherine (I145)
602 Viergiver Viergever, Bertha L (I6813)
603 Violet is listed as a half-sister in Jesse's obituary. Family F7907
604 Wakeana is listed in the obituary, but not sure if this name is correct.  Meade, Charles Ulysses (I4947)
605 We also have an article about the stabbing in our archives. Note Darting, Jeffrey 3 to staff. Darting, Jeffrey Darrell (I1953)
606 We believe he may have changed his name sometime after his married to 3rd wife, Ona Binney. They are noted as Mr. and Mrs. Grover Scritchfield in the birth announcement for their daughter, Martha Maxine, in 1928. Other records confirm the connection to be the same people. (Scritchfield) Sutherland, Claude Grover Sr. (I6583)
607 We believe his DOD is September 3, 1977. See date of newspaper for obituary and also wife (Eva DeGraff) obituary. DeGraff, Robert George (I3352)
608 We believe she was originally buried in Adrian Cemetery in Jackson County, Kansas. Then in 1920 she was moved to Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka, Kansas. Cowles Naill, Harriet Ruth (I5434)
609 We believe the attached birth announcement to be his, but are confused by the "Jr." notation. Wade, William F (I13078)
610 We believe the correct spelling of the maiden name is Wilcoxen.

Marriage announcement says Willcoxen.
Edward's obituary says Wilcoxon.

Tombstone of Herbert is Wilcoxen. 
Willcoxen McGuire, Cleona Rosalie (I20715)
611 We believe this birth announcement goes with this Cheryl, but are not 100% sure since the discrepancy in father's name. Could not verify if "Rollin" was a nickname or not. But the dates make sense for this connection. DeGraff, Cheryl (I9888)
612 We believe this is "Ella" [headstone transcription picture is nearly illegible, but this looks correct], who is buried with Joel D. Ross in Topeka Cemetery. Ross, Ella (I6068)
613 We believe this is Charles Taylor, who is buried in a Louisville cemetery 1868-1944. Taylor, Charles (I6601)
614 We believe this is the correct person, but may not be 100% sure. House Anderson, Elizabeth (I583)
615 We do not know at this time which children were from which marriage so we are putting them in a blank "marriage" with no spouse listed at this time. A.Olejnik 8/5/14 Family F575
616 We found information on about Josette's family.  Family F2611
617 We had a notecard with this information on it, but cannot find any further information. Keeping for now in case it connects later.

June 1, 2018 
Howard Craig, Lillian (I3084)
618 We know some of the children of Jessie's were from her marriage to Frank Webb. Not sure about all the children currently in this family of James & Jessie. Two (Pam Handley and Debbie Stadler) may belong in Frank and Jessie's family. Family F1428
619 We've also seen her maiden name spelled "Baluzka"  Balusek Besta, Teresa (I1273)
620 We've done some research on her connection to William Bond, but are not sure she is related to the William Bond in our records. Her parents may have been George Thomas Bond (1822-1890) and Sarah Ann Smith Bond (1824-1906), but they are not in our database at this time.

May 24, 2018 
Bond, Emily Agnes (Emma) (I2049)
621 When looking at his mother (Mattie Somers) obituary, which says she died in 1912, it would lead us to believe Robert's DOB/DOD should be 1912. We will leave it as is for now until more documentation is researched. -Rossville Library Somers-James, Robert Azell (I6399)
622 Wife's (Mary Brock) obituary says his DOD is 8-24-1965. Strimple, Orville Elliott (I6550)
623 Wife's obit says DOD 20 Apr 1967 Reeder, William Harry (I5900)
624 Wife's obituary gave DOD Rice, Philander S (I6015)
625 Wife's obituary says he died 21 Jul 1971. Tomson, Kenneth (I6678)
626 Wife, Rachel's, obituary lists his first name as Leonard. Moseley, Leander E (I10505)
627 William (father's) obit says she died in 1952. Parr, Kay Marlene (I10431)
628 William's obituary says they were married in 1909. Family F2736
629 With research, I'm fairly sure our Margaret DeBarrows is Madge A. Barr. See marriage announcements as well that helped me confirm this. DeBarrows Chipman Barr, Margaret A (I9761)
630 Zirkle is correct spelling of last name. Headstone pic reviewed and other findagrave documents. Largent Zirkle, Cora Ann (I2989)

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