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151 Found out information about the Cleveland family from relative in July 2016.  Herndon Cleveland, Martha Jane (I11324)
152 Found out more information from relative about Lewis Cleveland, his parents, and brother. She provided middle name as Cass.

Rossville Library
July 2016 
Cleveland, Lewis Cass (I2864)
153 Frances' obituary says they were married in Missouri. Family F2133
154 Francis's obit says they married in 1940; Donice's obit says 1941. Family F1554
155 Frank's obituary says they married December 27, 1927. Cecilia's says December 28, 1927. Family F1939
156 Frank's obituary says they were married in 1949. Family F4488
157 Frank's obituary says they were married in Omaha, Nebraska. Family F4597
158 From Frank Ruff- parents moved to Rossville in 1950. He lived in Delia for several years as well. Rees, George R (I26396)
159 From some preliminary research, I chose not to link siblings right now to her memorial since I'm not sure which "family" they go under. Her memorial on also has a very conflicting obituary that lists different people, and I'm not sure it is correct.

Morales Pfannenstiel, Cynthia D (Cindi) (I5795)
160 Funeral card says DOB 1873. Hoyt McCoy, Birdie May (Bertie) (I4775)
161 Funeral card says DOB 8-4-1906, but headstone says Aug 6 Maus, Chester Arthur (I4705)
162 Gelsinger is correct spelling. Hayes Gelsinger, Audrey Lea (I8310)
163 Gladis' obituary says he died in 1931.  Viergever, Larry E (I25294)
164 Gladys's obituary says they were married in 1936. Family F4421
165 Gloria's obituary says they were married in Ohio. Raymond's says Omaha, NE, which is more likely since that is where family is from. Family F8606
166 Graduate of Rossville High School, Class of 1965 Dick, Gary Leon (I10270)
167 Graduated from Rossville High School in 1965. Heiland Dekat Fisa, Sandra Kay (I13733)
168 Granddaughter, Patrica Peterson notified us his correct DOB is 7 Jun 1902. Conley, James L (I2916)
169 Had another daughter who married Kenneth Morgan and lived in Oxnard, California. But I cannot find any information on her details. Family F3639
170 Half-sisters and brother were mentioned in Joseph's obituary, but am not sure which parent they belong with, etc., so I have not indexed them.

Family F6095
171 Hattie's obituary says she married on 11 Feb 1873. Thaddeus's obituary says they married on 10 Feb 1874. Family F2457
172 Have also seen Kovare Kovar, John (I4491)
173 Have also seen Kovare Kovar, John (I4491)
174 Have also seen middle name spelled as "Mae." Murback Morstorf, Viola May (I5151)
175 Have confirmed DOB, DOD on via SSA death index. Confusing because he may have a half-brother, Lawrence. Lane, Lawrence Orlin (I5183)
176 Have confirmed spelling of last name as McDermeit (son, Joseph headstone). McDermeit, Delley C (I4789)
177 Have researched but cannot figure out her first name or B.F.'s information. In the late 1880s in Rossville papers another Mrs. B.F. Parker is referred to as well. Both seem to have been milliners. Parker, Mrs. B.F. (I29756)
178 Have seen reference to William's father as an L.T. (born in 1830) and his mother as "Judi."

Ancestry has info on William Walter Wade and says his father was Isac W and mother was Delana F.

So not sure what is 100% correct, but we are going with Isac and Delana at this point.

Wade, Isac W (I20210)
179 Hazel's obituary says they were married in 1937. Family F4591
180 He is listed on Henry and Martha's 1870 Federal Census. Strimple, Franklin (I27574)
181 He is referred to as "Richard" in Jennie's obituary. DeGraff, Leroy Edward (I3349)
182 He lived in Willard at one time. Johnson, Cecil T (I18025)
183 He was a fill-in pastor at Delia and Rossville Presbyterian churches for a few years.

[Note from Judy Lundin] 
Duncan, Dr. Robert C (I30233)
184 He was referenced to as "John" in son, Milton's, obituary. Bahner, Emil Phillip (I295)
185 Headstone has DOB as 1868. Scritchfield Reser, Esther Diana (I5953)
186 Headstone has DOB as February 6, 1863. We are using this instead of 1861 as listed in the obituary. Navarre Burns, Julia Ellen (I2760)
187 Headstone indicates 1935 Carrell, Raymond Lee (I2771)
188 Headstone indicates DOB 1836 Mitchener, William Milton (I5090)
189 Headstone indicates DOB 1874 Allison, Ira (I692)
190 Headstone indicates DOB 1894 Peery Anderson, Lucy Ann (I661)
191 Headstone indicates DOB 1946 D'Auteuil Doty, Lillian M (I3458)
192 Headstone indicates DOB as 1845, but I've seen more references to 1846. Thompson, Sivert Tobias (I25279)
193 Headstone indicates DOB as 1870, but records indicate the true DOB is 14 Sep 1869. Owen, Jerry (I29511)
194 Headstone indicates DOB as 2/15/1919 Trimble McDermott, Elsie May (I4790)
195 Headstone indicates DOB as August 15, 1869. Nadeau, Eli Louis (I5431)
196 Headstone indicates DOB as the 8th. Parr, Marjorie Jean (I27822)
197 Headstone indicates DOB is 1910. McConnell, Rosa Lima (I4772)
198 Headstone indicates DOB June 12, 1846 and DOD October 16, 1914. Obituary may be in error. Howard Moseley, Rachel Mariah (I5152)
199 Headstone indicates DOB year as 1849 Fritz, Ephriam (I14765)
200 Headstone indicates DOB year as 1873. Orris Gutshall, Lillian Sadora (I3679)

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