Genealogy for the Rossville, Kansas area, compiled by the Rossville Community Library.
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51 Brother, Darwin's, obituary spells her married name as McGee. Mitchell Magee, Dianna (I14276)
52 Buried as Lambert. Headstone says 1868-1932. Lambotte (Lambert), Gustave John (I5026)
53 Buried under surname Minden Bickford Minden Hughes, Barbara Jean (I9622)
54 Buried under surname Williams.
[Noted as Kincaid in parent's anniversary newspaper clipping in 1914 and in mother's obituary from 1918.] 
Williams Kincaid, Mary Ella (I20833)
55 Carroll's obituary says they were married at Wamego. Family F2868
56 Cecil's obituary states they were married May 25th, 1910. Family F1890
57 Children names from 1885 Kansas Census. Family F7535
58 Christine's obituary says they were married in 1934. Louis's obituary says they were married in 1924. Family F4242
59 Christine's obituary states they married on August 30, 1937, at Emmett. Family F2322
60 Clementine's obituary says they were married 4 Feb 1936. Francis's obituary says they were married 5 Dec 1935. Family F2004
61 Confirmed DOD by looking at headstone. Hurla, Anthony John (I4120)
62 Confirmed last name spelling as Bidinger via headstone Murphy Bidinger, Winifred (I23516)
63 confirmed last name spelling via headstone Hildenbrand, Alice N (I3933)
64 Confirmed mother's headstone said Owens. Owens, James W (I5618)
65 Confirmed name spelling as Philip S. Hawk on headstone pic Hawk, Philip S (I3894)
66 Confirmed spelling of first name as Earnest on headstone. Moses, Earnest U.J. (I23335)
67 Confirmed spelling of last name (married) via headstone pic. Osborn Flukinger, Jennie Elizabeth (I22981)
68 Confirmed spelling of last name as "Seikel" on headstone photograph. Seikel, Michael (I6180)
69 Confirmed spelling of last name as Blankenship (headstone pic) Blankenship, Horace Greeley (I2048)
70 Confirmed spelling of last name as Widener on tombstone. Bradshaw Widener, Samantha C (I7017)
71 Confirmed spelling of last name is Holzmeister (Adam George's headstone). Var. Holtzmeister. Nadeau Holzmeister, Marjorie Jean (I979)
72 Confirmed spelling of last name via headstone pic. Gahagen, William S (I3824)
73 Confirmed spelling of maiden name as "Seely." See family headstones in Silver Lake Cemetery. Seely Roach Swanson, Maye E (I6178)
74 Confirmed spelling of married last name via headstone pic. Nagel. Zickefoose Nagel, Ida Lurena (I16608)
75 Confirmed spelling via headstone Hyett, Susanna C (I3917)
76 Correct DOB is 1891. His headstone shows that date. Dodge, Claude Frank (I3553)
77 Correct spelling Feighny.

Alt: Feighney 
McDonnell Feighny, Elizabeth (I11661)
78 Correct spelling of first name is Mabel. Headstone pic confirmed. Bixby Patton, Mabel F (I1789)
79 Correct spelling of last name is verified as Minnis. Minnis, Claire E (I5056)
80 Could not determine who Joseph's first wife was. A Joseph Young married Elizabeth Pickett on 4 Jun 1856 in Illinois; a Joseph Young married Mary Elliott on 28 May 1856 in Illinois. It is possible one of these two women was the mother of Oscar and Caroline. However, in the 1860 census, Joseph is listed with his two children and Hannah Young (age 24). I believe Hannah was Oscar's sister (possibly she was then married to Charley H. Berry; Hannah H. Berry 22 Dec 1835 born in Vermont - died 27 Jun 1869 in Edgerton, Johnson County, Kansas).

Family F4805
81 Date of birth confirmed by granddaughter as 14 Feb 1905. Listed incorrectly in one of his obituaries. Martinek, Henry R (I4641)
82 Date of birth from headstone. Dvorak Bahner, Rosa Ann (I296)
83 Daughter (Frances Lemon) obituary spells Nitah's maiden name as Megonigle Megonigle Whittington, Nitah Veronica (I11472)
84 Daughter's (Amy Trimble) obituary spells her maiden name as "Seymore" Seymour Higbee, Nellie Ellen (I1019)
85 Daughter, Lettie Compton, obituary spells her first name Isabella. Reser Page, Isadella (I5643)
86 Death cert says DOD March 26, 1951 Somers, Chauncey Lee (I6390)
87 Did not add all children to his family tree since wasn't sure how they fit in the trees. Small, Glen (Ed) (I16313)
88 Did not add all children to the database since I wasn't sure of proper recording. Family F7114
89 Did not add siblings since unknown maiden name, etc. Siblings listed in obit are: H.W. Cottle (possibly Henry W. Cottle 1867-1958, buried at Rochester Cemetery, Topeka, KS); John Howerton (KY); Mrs. Tom Caskey (KY). Cottle Howerton Wyatt, Susan E (I7062)
90 Did not research children of this marriage. The children listed in this family are those listed in both Peter and Mary's obituaries. But some children may have been from other unions.  Family F6395
91 Died at birth in either 1899 or 1900. Masopust, Flora (I4666)
92 Died in the fall of 1970 Gresser, Rollin Fred (I3658)
93 Difficult to find very accurate information--perhaps partially due to the Quirk name change to Baker.

In ancestry, there is indication that Roy Eugene Sheppard married a Mary Margaret Orrick (I believe this is misidentified from Quirk).

Roy Sheppard is buried in the same area as the Quirk-Baker family in the Rossville Cemetery, along with a simple marker of Gary Lee Shepard (Sheppard), which I believe to be infant (Shepherd) who died in 1937.

Family F8295
94 DOB Calculated Stoker James, Mary Elizabeth (I17258)
95 DOB calculated from age noted in the obituary. LaFramboise Patell, Josette (I5705)
96 DOB calculated from DOD and age on headstone. Have seen her birth listed as 1859 and 1860 elsewhere. Young Startup, Caroline (I12626)
97 DOB calculated. Gresser, John Clark (I3656)
98 DOB in obituary is 27 Apr 1917, but her headstone lists 28 Apr 1917. We are using the headstone date as the official date. Reser Anderson, Rosalie M (I677)
99 DOB provided by first cousin. Branson Foster, Glenda Sue (I7540)
100 DOB provided by relative in 2015. Said it was on his military registration card with his signature on it. (via Martin, Henry Miller (I3110)

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